Actor/rapper LL Cool J inside the 11th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball sponsored by Audi, Grey Goose, Kayne Anderson and smartwater on June 9th, 2012

*LL Cool J was honored in Los Angeles on Saturday for his longtime support of a homeless charity.


The rapper/actor was the guest of honor at the Butterfly Ball, which serves as a fundraiser for Chrysalis, an organization that helps the homeless gain employment.

As part of his support for the organization, the star of “NCIS: Los Angeles” has donated his own designer clothing for those in need.

“What’s really cool about it, when people have a job interview, they can dress the part,” he told online magazine Society News L.A. “So many people (celebrities) here have closets that are like, sinful. You can take 30 percent of that closet and help people change their lives.”