ll cool j*LL Cool J is up to something.

The veteran rapper/actor is attempting to revolutionize music through the latest virtual studio software, My Connect Studio.

The program allows artists to experience a studio session in real time via the Internet.

Even if they are in two different locations, artists can collaborate on the same project at the same time. Currently artists are emailing tracks to one another.

“They’ll [producers] e-mail me the track,” he said. “I’m e-mailing vocals. They don’t like something, I’m sending it back. We’re going back and forth and doing this dance. A lot of music is being created that way right now. What I wanted to do is be able to create music in real-time.”

On Wednesday, June 20, he demonstrated the product for a full room of fans at the Sony store in NYC. The rapper’s friend played a track across town as he recorded the lyrics over the beat. It’s like being in a studio.

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