*”And hip hop…and hip hop…and hip hop…”  Commit those words to memory, so you avoid the temptation to judge the latest entry in reality shows, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, which makes it’s debut tonight on VH-1 at 8pm EST.

Mona Scott-Young, producer of the Love and Hip Hop reality series that shined a light on women of the Hip Hop lifestyle in New York (Chrissy, Olivia, Somaya, and Emily), is at it again. This time, the entertainment-mogul-in-her-own-right has signed on 5 beautiful young women who are part of Atlanta’s hip hop scene, Rasheeda, K-Michelle, Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez, and Karlie Redd, and they take viewers on a drama-filed, potty mouthed adventure through the trials and tribulations of relationship and “the business” in the Dirty South.

The women recently celebrated in anticipation of tonight’s series debut at popular Atlanta radio host, Frank Ski of V103’s new namesake restaurant.  Young was on hand at the event to speak to her intentions behind producing the show in the ATL.

Meet the ladies that will allow you into their personal lives – for profit:

Rasheeda, wife, mother and rapper, who commands attention by not only her lyrical prowess, but also her stunning looks.

Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappy’s emotionally stoic, but ride or die baby-mama, who also has the rapper’s feisty, ex-pimp mom, Momma Dee, to contend with.

Mimi Faust, songwriter/producer Stevie j’s chronically scorned but naively optimistic baby-mama, who’s competing with Stevie’s “client,” Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline Hernandez, the unapologetic vixen and rapper who has her claws in her “manager, ” Stevie J. and is the thorn in Mimi Faust’s side.

K-Michelle, a singer and domestic abuse survivor who’s on her second leg in the music industry after a failed first attempt.

Karlie Redd, a burgeoning rapper who’s sexy in her own right, but keeps a lot of mess going on the show.

There’s been an assault on reality shows lately, due to the viewers growing weary of the violence and drama that arguably casts a negative light on black women on such shows (i.e. Basketball Wives).   I believe, however, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will escape the scrutiny – those words at the beginning of this post are kept in mind, because the world of Hip Hop can only deliver the drama that’s inherent in the music.  Hip Hop fans and viewers are likely appreciate seeing “art imitating life.”

So, yes, the show is supposed to be about love and the biz, but “and Hip Hop” is the frame that you can’t ignore.

Catch the first episode tonight at 8pm EST on VH1.