cassi davis*Tyler Perry is expanding his empire of crazy old ladies.

Madea’s sidekick Betty Ann Murphy character, BKA  “Aunt Bam,” has her own adventures.

“Aunt Bam’s Place (The Play)” begins with Bam’s favorite nephew-in-law, Stewart, gains visitation rights with his children. All is going well until his drunken deranged ex shows up with nothing but trouble.

“I think it’s really identifiable to a lot of people with nurturing aunts and grandmas in their families. She is a barrel of laughs and full of a lot of wisdom and a really big heart,” said Cassi Davis, who plays the star role. “She and Madea have a lot of secrets. Of course Madea is the wild one, but Bam learns a lot from her.”

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Cassi is best known for her role as Auntie Ella on TBS’s hit sitcom, “House of Payne.” But she’s putting on a whole different personality this time around.

“Ella is more peaceful and a family-oriented woman and a pillar to her household and her husband,” explained Cassi. “Bam however is a high rolling educator from the South. She wanted to get married and have children but the responsibility got a little too much for her, so she fell on hard times and lost her job.”

Cassi Davis says she is hoping that everyone who sees the production gets a good laugh but is hopeful they won’t miss the positive message.

“There is a message towards healing, strengthening relationship, dealing with the loss of a loved one, coping with a broken a home—all of Tyler Perry’s projects show a very redemptive and forgetting message,” said Cassi. “This play will show the family type of love, even when your natural family isn’t there God will put people in our lives who can treat you better than blood.”

The “Aunt Bam’s Place” DVD is available now.