Black Panther & Storm

Black Panther & Storm

*Well now, Marvel comics is gearing up to begin debuting the first black superhero movie of the company’s character, Black Panther.

The Black Panther character is the king of the resource-rich fictional African nation of Wakanda, who becomes a superhero.  He first appeared in Marvel’s Fantastic Four comic book in 1966 during the height of the American civil rights movement, and his name is coincidentally the same as the militant African-American political organization created the same year.

According to reports, Mark Bailey was hired to write the script and allegedly it’s “fantastic.”

Marvel has been pretty clever at placing little hints here and there about the rise of Black Panther. In “Iron Man 2” the nation of Wakanda showed up in a map. Captain America’s shield is made up of Vibranium, a rare fictional material found in Wakanda.

The story was actually in development at Columbia in the early 90s with Wesley Snipes to play the main character. But things changed over when Marvel absorbed the rights in 2005.

But for this version, there’s no word on who will play the superhero.

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