*Mary J. Blige is still feeling the pain over the outrage that followed her short-lived Burger King ad.

The singer appeared on Hot 97’s “Angie Martinez Show” Wednesday [Scroll down to watch.] and said she “thought” the April ad, which appeared online — then quickly disappeared — “would have been … great for a branding opportunity.”

She said, “It never was a chicken commercial. It was about a sandwich and I was singing about the ingredients.”

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In the ad Blige, lists the ingredients in a Chicken Snack Wrap — fresh lettuce, ranch dressing, etc. — to the tune of her song “Don’t Mind.”

“I would never bust out singing about chicken and chicken wings!” she said.

But she was immediately widely criticized for playing into African-American stereotypes, and the fast-food chain quickly pulled the commercial, citing music licensing issues. Soon after, the company issued a public apology to Blige.

And she did the same on the radio show. “I want to apologize to everyone that was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture,” Blige told Hot 97. “I would never do anything like that purposefully. I thought I was doing something right. So forgive me, if that hurts you.”

The reaction to the ad hurt her, she said, recalling that she “wanted to crawl under the bed.” She adds, “It hurt my feelings. It crushed me for like two days. But after those two days, I got up and kept going.”