memphitz*The whole K.Michelle MeMpHiTz domestic violence bit has taken a whole other turn.

Now the music exec is telling his side of the story, after remaining mum on it for quite some time. But K.Michelle indirectly put him on blast for being a jerky boyfriend.

“I’m not calling here to bash K.Michelle in no form or fashion. I don’t do that. I don’t argue with women,” he said in a recent interview with radio host TT Torrez. “I just don’t do it. It don’t seem manly to me. It ain’t how I was raised.”

He started from the ‘romantic’ beginnings when he discovered she had talent. He said he was blown away.

“It sounded like [God] just screamed in my face or something.”

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Their professional link quickly turned into something more intimate. He says he fell for the girl and couldn’t help himself.

But he never fell in love with her. He said their relationship turned sour because they were on two different levels with their feelings.

“I was very very fond of K,” said MeMpHiTz. “I wasn’t in love with her like she seemed to be in love with me.”

Now to address the rumors, he says he didn’t spend up her money, explaining that she didn’t even make the $2 million on a first new deal. It’s a far-fetched suggestion for a new artist anyway, he said.

“I never touch [an] artist’s situation,” he said before breaking down how labels control their money.  “You really don’t have access to the person’s money like that, the label handles the money. You submit a budget, the label gives you that budget if they want to—if they approve it.”

MeMpHiTz said it is true that K. Michelle has been the victim of domestic violence, but it wasn’t at his hands.

“She was abused before, it just wasn’t me. I can’t be your muse anymore,” he said addressing K. “You want to argue with me so you can go write a hit. You want to defame my character so you can get fans and write a hit. I can’t lay down for that one.”

Listen to the revealing interview: