ronald poppo

*The victim of the vicious “Miami Zombie/cannibal attack, Ronald Poppo, is making a surprising discovery, according to the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Poppo was the homeless man whose face was mostly chewed off on May 26.

Despite the good news, the man’s left eye was removed, but doctors are trying to restore sight in his right eye. Poppos is also missing his nose. (Scroll down to see photo, but be warned it’s graphic.)

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Now after several surgeries, the victim is now able to eat and get around.

“He’s pleased to report to all of you that he’s feeling well, he’s eating, he’s walking around with physical therapy, he’s talking with us,” said Nicholas Namias, a University of Miami trauma surgeon and co-director of the center.

“It’s hard when he smiles to see who he is,” said Wrood Kassira, a University of Miami plastic surgeon at Jackson.

This isn’t the first traumatic incident Poppos has been through. Doctors say he suffered two puncture wounds to the chest and a brain injury similar to that from a car crash. He survived a previous gunshot wound.

But he’s currently trying to make things as normal as possible. He’s been requesting pizza, orange juice and Italian food to eat, along with attempting to keep normal conversation going about things like the basketball games.

“He’s really just sort of living in the moment and just wants to talk about routine things,” said Namias.

  (Scroll down to see photo, but be warned it’s graphic.)





















ronald-poppo (in hospital walking)