Mimi and Stevie J*“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” has only aired two episodes and the drama is already heavy.

It looks like Mimi Faust and Stevie J are on the verge of calling it quits since there’s a third wheel involved, Joseline Hernandez.

In a recent interview with Egypt Sherrod, Mimi laid it out there saying she’s only in it for the kids.

“I thought he and I were working towards something—towards raising and building our family,” Mimi explained. “But when I realized that that wasn’t the direction we were both trying to go in—my head was there and his was obviously elsewhere—then I made a decision at that point.”

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She wasn’t exactly clear on their status, but she did mention that at this point in their relationship, it’s difficult for them to make it last much longer.

However, on Monday’s episode, Stevie offered to bring his baby mama into his business. While some speculated it as a means to ‘pay her off,’ Mimi clarified with a bit of a back-story.

“What it was was I wanted to be more involved in the business,” she said. “It wasn’t I was accepting a payoff. I actually wanted to be involved. If I put in this work and I have been dealing with this this long I want to be more hands-on with the situation as far as making the money and everything that goes along with it.”