*The show may just be two episodes in, but “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” has already grabbed the attention of many for good.

Rapper Lil’ Scrappy’s mother, better known as Momma Dee, has already become a fan favorite, and it’s likely in due part to her no-holds-barred attitude.

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Here’s an excerpt from part 2 of the interview:

Loop 21: Why do you think you piqued the interest of the “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” producers?

All I know is some of the local DJs at the radio station came to me like, ‘Momma Dee, I heard VH1 is interested in you.’ My radio interview had went all over the world—me cussing out Diamond on behalf of my son when she cheated on him almost a year ago. I made a call to the Dirty Boyz at 107.9 because they had been together for four years and even though I knew she was cheating with some locals and he was cheating too, I didn’t say it because that’s not my business, but when it came to another celebrity that Scrappy had did a song with… This bitch goes off and fucks him and thinks that Soulja Boy want a wifey. But a month after that story broke, he was through with her. That boy is young. What is he, 20, 21? So all he wanted was to lay with her and she thought she had a diamond in the rough. So I had to go in. There’s no other recourse but to protect my dynasty. I am the matriarch of this family and I will not allow anyone to belittle or make us look bad.

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