morgan freeman*Whoa, this is bound to raise a few eyebrows to say the least.

If you didn’t know, the Science Channel cast Morgan Freeman as the host of its new series, “Through the Wormhole.”

Having played God onscreen in several films, it’s a role that Freeman seems comfortable with. In fact, he really believes he IS God.

We found that out when he sat down with TheWrap to talk about an upcoming segment called “Did We Invent God?”

Let’s just say Mr. Freeman didn’t hold back.

You don’t play a lot of villains, but do you think there are villains? Because we always hear that villains don’t think that they’re villains?
I think that there is balance in the universe. And these questions are the questions of balance.

This next question may be the hardest, and I’m especially curious about your answer because you’ve played God, and had to guess how God would act …
Well, I need to play the devil now, to balance it out. [Laughs.]

Did we invent God?

So there isn’t a God up in the sky somewhere. We came up with God ourselves.
Well, here’s a scientific question: Has anybody ever seen hard evidence? What we get is theories from our earlier prophets. Now, people who think that God invented us think that the Earth can’t be more than 6,000 years old. So I guess it’s a question of belief. My belief system doesn’t support a creator as such, as we can call God, who created us in His/Her/Its image.

Would you consider yourself an atheist, or agnostic?
It’s a hard question because as I said at the start, I think we invented God. So if I believe in God, and I do, it’s because I think I’m God.

As we said, whoa! We can’t wait to see what the reaction to that comment is gonna be from believers or theists.

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