myesha chaney

Myesha Chaney

*There is so much power in what we consider a random thought process.

What governs our actions is a collage of thoughts and feelings. Some of those thoughts are seeds sown into the fertile ground of our mind. Others are influenced by the latest movie we watched, a song we heard, or the latest fashion trend. We think about them over and over again. Whether or not we believe them depends on the day, mood, or circumstance. Our thoughts constantly circulate in our brain, waiting for the opportunity to become an action. It is difficult to change our thoughts, but we do have the ability to change our perspective.

Change your perspective, change your life. We must learn how to view the issues of life. Our ability to see things from an alternate vantage point will make all the difference. We have been wondering what we can do to change our current circumstance; not realizing the shift in our view can do wonders. It can actually help us get through difficult times, be more appreciative, and endure hardship. Practicing this skill proves advantageous for us in more ways than one. We can also help others change their perspective in tough times. So many things happen that may cause us to lose it, but regaining our view will cause a gentle peace to overtake us. The news that grandma is dying is earth-shattering. First we think, what will do without her? How can we go on? It is total panic mode and insecurity about the future without our loved one is evident. A different perspective in the same situation is to say things that reflect the positives, such as let’s keep her legacy alive, stay at her bedside, tell her how much we love her and will miss her, and that she is going to a better place.

The perspective you manage to maintain is the sum total of the outcome you may receive.  As a pastor’s wife, I have been able to go through so many experiences with our parishioners. These experiences are numerous: from being present during the death of a love one, to attending a graduation ceremony, to visiting the hospital after the birth of new baby. I am always amazed at the perspective one person may carry versus another person. With the fluctuations in the economy, I have had the opportunity to share with those who have been terminated from a job. Some wear it as stamp of failure, carry the insecurity of not being good enough, walk around with sackcloth and ashes mourning the lost of financial security, and reluctantly cash the unemployment as though it is the last supper. I have walked with others who were deeply saddened, but chose the perspective of the overcomer and used the moment as an opportunity to regroup, re-strategize, and move forward. Perspective is everything. How you view a situation determines how you respond.  We cannot prevent thoughts from entering our minds, but we can decide the actions and the perspective that will ultimately be the best for us.


Myesha Chaney is a recording artist signed to Kingdomanity/Relevé Entertainment.  Her debut CD, Take Him to The World, will be in stores and online outlets on July 3, 2012.  She is a wife, mother and the first lady of Antioch Church of Long Beach, California where her husband, Wayne Chaney, is Senior Pastor.  She  and her husband co-host a weekly radio show, “Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney,” on Los Angeles’ KJLH.   Please visit her at  You can email her at [email protected].