deshawn stevenson

DeShawn Stevenson next to his household ATM machine

We’re not sure if this is really cool or really stupid.

When New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets guard DeShawn Stevenson saw MTV reality show star Rob Dyrdek put an ATM in his house (see video below), he know – right then and there – that he had to do the same thing, says TMZ.

We’re told he paid $3,500 for the machine and lets his rich NBA friends use it for last-minute cash withdrawals before they go out.

But the service ain’t free — DeShawn says he charges his pals a steep $4.50 ATM fee.

DeShawn says the machine holds $20,000 and he refills it 4-6 times a year.

He adds, “I like doing things that aren’t normal and it’s cool to have.”

Here’s the episode of Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory” that inspired Stevenson: