nia crooks & jennifer williams*As the lawsuit between “Basketball Wives” players Nia Crooks and Jennifer Williams rages on, Nia’s defense team has come up with an interesting … defense against Williams assault by slapping charge.

They say Jennifer, by her actions, asked for it. Really?

If you recall, “BB Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams filed a suit against Crooks — claiming she suffered emotional distress and mental anguish after being hit upside the head on an episode of the VH1 show.

Now Crooks has fired back at the “face-slap” lawsuit — claiming that Williams brought the slap on herself by the way she behaved, says TMZ.

In court docs filed by Crooks’ lawyer, Javier Solano, she claims the slap was “caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk of [Williams].” In other words, Williams is just as much to blame for getting herself smacked.

Crooks also says Williams’ injuries are bogus and is asking the judge to dismiss the suit entirely.

BTW — in case you forgot the epic face-slap, or didn’t see it, watch: