romney and obama*A survey was posted on – the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website – recently asked a very important question: Which presidential candidate would you rather have as your sugar daddy?

That’s right. Who would you choose, Romney or Obama?

The question was posed to more than 30,000 female Sugar Baby members this past week. Obama beat his opponent 3 to 1.

Check out the stats below:

– 34.1% said they prefer having Obama as their Sugar Daddy

– 11.9% said they prefer having Romney as their Sugar Daddy

– 11.1% said they are happy to have either Obama or Romney as their Sugar Daddy

– 42.9% said they wouldn’t choose either Obama or Romney for a Sugar Daddy

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Before you roll your eyes and smack your lips or double over laughing, political analysts and critics say the survey could actually have some bearing on the upcoming presidential election, giving us a better idea about who could win the hearts and votes of Americans.

“Barack Obama was by far the preferred Sugar Daddy. Obama beat Romney by a knockout of 3 to 1,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “While many unfairly stereotype Sugar Babies as gold-diggers who would gladly accept any wealthy man as their Sugar Daddy, our survey shows the contrary. Sugar Babies are extremely picky about the men they date – 43% of them surveyed want neither Obama nor Romney as their Sugar Daddy.”

What this could mean is that the female vote could go to Obama and he could capture more votes in most swing states.