obama (basketball)*Being a big time basketball fan and a serious hoopster himself, one would think President Obama would share with those interested as to which team he thinks will win this year’s NBA championship series, which begins tonight in Oklahoma City.

Well, that’s just not the case. Remember, it’s an election year and even though it’s “just a game” as the saying goes, politically speaking Mr. Obama doesn’t want to go there because the series pits the Oklahoma City Thunder from solidly Republican Oklahoma against the Miami Heat, in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Asked by a television reporter from Reno, Nev., to predict a winner on Monday the prez, took a pass.

“Both teams look terrific and I am looking forward to a good series. Hopefully, it will go to seven games. But I can’t make a prediction right now. They both look pretty tough.”

That’s about as politically correct as you can get. He didn’t get to be president by being stupid.