Zac Efron Nicole Kidman Lee Daniels and John Cusack pose on the red carpet at the premiere of "Paper Boy" at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. The thriller is Lee Daniel's first film since Oscar-winning "Precious. (May 25, 2012)

*Millennium Entertainment has announced it will release Lee Daniels’ latest movie “The Paperboy” in U.S. theaters on Oct. 5.


Set in 1969, Matthew McConaughey stars as a reporter who travels to the racially-tense deep South to investigate a man (John Cusack) who may have been wrongly convicted of murder. The title character is Zac Efron, who accompanies his brother (McConaughey) to  their small Florida hometown and helps him uncover the truth – and in the process, falls in love with the convict’s lover, played by Nicole Kidman.

“I had the most lovely time in the world working with Nicole,” Efron told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival last month. “I was ecstatic the day I found out that she was playing the part, and I’ve been in love with her for a long time – since ‘Moulin Rouge.’ [I was] so, blown away. It was the best opportunity in the world for me.”

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman in "The Paperboy"

Daniels had the two actors doing some bizarre things to each other in the film, including one scene where Kidman urinates on Efron to treat his jellyfish sting.

“I was just so impressed with the way Zac just threw himself into it,” said Kidman. “It’s dangerous and it’s hard at times, but strangely enough it becomes like a threesome because it’s Lee, Zac and me, and it’s all being created and worked on as the three of us.”

Matthew McConaughey (L) and Zac Efron in "The Paperboy"

As previously reported, “Paperboy” received a 16-minute standing ovation at Cannes.  Millennium produced “Paperboy” and had shopped the movie to other domestic buyers, but ultimately decided to retain distribution duties, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Lee’s unique filmmaking voice combined with this high profile cast makes for a must-see movie,” Millennium Entertainment CEO Bill Lee said.

Below, Kidman tells reporters at the Cannes Film Festival just how unique Lee’s filmmaking is, and reveals that she’s wanted to work with the director since seeing his first effort, “Precious.” [Scroll down to watch clips from the film.]