barack obama*Is somebody trying to start some ish up in here?

Well, if you buy into what is supposed to be burning up the blogosphere, maybe so.

Here’s the deal. It seems that President Obama made what seemed like an unintentional oral sex joke about his wife at the recent LGBT event he spoke at the other night in LA.

During his speech, he was discussing a push-up competition between Michelle and Ellen DeGeneres. During his commentary, a long pause warranted a little laughter from the audience. The president appeared like he felt a bit awkward.

“I want to thank my wonderful friend [Ellen DeGeneres] who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups – (laughter) – but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down. (Laughter.) That’s what I heard. [Here’s the long pregnant pause, during which attendees are heard giggling.] I just want to set the record straight – Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well. (Laughter.) So she shouldn’t feel bad. She’s an extraordinary talent and she’s just a dear, dear friend – Ellen DeGeneres. Give Ellen a big round of applause.”

OK, so maybe you need to HEAR and see the prez say what he said to have a more informed opinion, then check out the clip below.

Also, notice how the president’s expression and demeanor seems to change when the audience picks up on the double entendre? Obviously, he means Michelle doesn’t do a complete pushup.

By the way, we haven’t heard any reports of him having to sleep on the sofa so it’s probably not a big deal on the home front, right? 🙂