interracial dating in america*When “Interracial Dating in America” came out in 2007, it hailed by some as one of the hottest independent films in America and was featured on the Michael Baisden, Michael Eric Dyson and Tom Joyner radio shows.

According to a news release “IDIA” also screened on HBO and has since sold over 100,000 copies on DVD.

Well, the producers of the film have decided to re-visit the somewhat controversial topic one more time with “Interracial Dating In America Uncovered (Going Deeper).”  This time around, according to  the release, they are looking to explore the challenges that interracial couples go through from family, friends, and even their jobs. In other words, have things gotten better since the first production? Is it the same, or is it worse?

Here’s what the film’s director Chris Clay had to say:

“It’s amazing that we have come so far but yet we still have racism among a large group of people.  And it’s not just from white people but black people as well.  We have captured both black and white couples that have had lots of problems from friends, family and even their job.”

Clay and the release says they are looking for couples, individuals, and family members who are involved in interracial relationships, or anyone who’s had a problem with interracial relationships. if interested, to tell your story, go to or email: [email protected]. Casting is scheduled to close on June 15. Good luck. 🙂