najee ali*According to Najee Ali (pictured), the Director of Project Islamic HOPE, a protest rally has been planned against Century Academy For Excellence in Inglewood, Calif.

In an email to media outlets, Ali outlines the reason for the action:

“Sit your nappy-headed self down.” This was the comment that Brea Persley, a 13-year-old student at Century Academy For Excellence in Inglewood, Calif., received from her white teacher Kelly Dempsey last week in front of the entire classroom.

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To make matters worse Persley an African American student has now been expelled from school.Shronda Williams, Persley’s mother is now accusing principal Giselle Edman who is African American with attempts to shift the blame onto her daughter, Persley later received an expulsion letter, citing her mother’s scolding of the principal as the reason she was banned from school.

This is outrageous ! We have a white teacher making disparaging remarks to a young African American child in front of her classmates and instead of the African American principal defending her students she expelled her!

We are demanding that the teacher Kelly Dempsey be fired or removed from the school. We will not tolerate the mistreatment of our children by anyone” Stated civil rights

Time: 8:00 am
When: Friday June 8th 2012
Where: Century Academy For Excellence in Inglewood, Calif.,
2400 West 85th Street  Inglewood, CA 90305
(323) 752-8834

Contact: Najee Ali
Executive Director Project Islamic HOPE
[email protected]