q parker*As a teen, Quinnes “Q” Parker saw the heights of success as a member of 112. As an adult, the singer is set on making grown man moves with his debut solo release, “The MANual.”

While it’s assumed that Parker would have no trouble reintroducing himself to the masses, the reality is just that. Fortunately for Parker’s followers, he has no problem with earning the listening ear of the music loving public again.

“Well now, reintroducing Q Parker and at some cases introducing Q Parker, I found myself having to go back and implement a lot of the work ethic that I had to do when we first started as 112 and it’s allowing me to connect with the fans,” he explained. “I believe in kissing every baby, taking every picture, shaking every hand, going to every B,C,D market, not just the A big cities. And I’m really enjoying it because it’s allowing me to really connect with the people. I’m a people person anyway, but I’m just enjoying this whole process. It’s new to me. I’ve been removed from it on this level for some years but just now getting back in to it and really having to do a lot of the things that I had to do when I first started in this game in ’96. I’m just enjoying the process.”

Featuring production from Chuck Harmony, The Corner Boys, Warren Campbell and Kendrick Dean, “The MANual” includes one guest appearance from Parker’s former Bad Boy label mate and “big sister,” Faith Evans, on a duet.

Although the album marks Parker’s official return to music, the entertainer admitted to spending his downtime contemplating whether or not to actually go solo  as well as creating a successful line of fitness calendars. Evidence of Parker’s current mindstate can be found in “Show You How,” the first single from “The MANual.”

“…I just feel like, from my perspective, that there’s a correct way that a woman should be treated. And then just to let women know that chivalry ain’t dead. There are still some gentlemen out here,” said Parker. “In a lot of cases, women settle just for the sake of not being alone or just settling and lowering their standards when it comes to choosing men. So I was just like ‘You know, if you give me a chance, I can show you how a woman should be loved.’ And that’s from an emotional standpoint, from a communication standpoint, from a physical standpoint. Just all around. I can just show you how that you should be loved.”

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One thing that fans would love to see would be a 112 reunion. According to Parker, the idea could soon become reality with all four original members on board for the cause.

“We’re talking right now and there are some dates that are on the table of a possible summer reunion tour,” said the singer. “So we’re in the process of ironing those things out now. As far as an album, I can’t really speak on that but I can say to just appease the palette a little bit that you can definitely see 112 this summer.”

In the meantime, Parker is devoting himself to his personal success by hitting the road himself for series of solo performances. Although no release date is set for “The MANual,” the entertainer is not bummed. In fact, the wait is more an asset than a liability, Parker’s eyes.

“If you gonna spend your money, you want to make sure that it’s something that is worth your $15,” he said, adding that late August or early September are being looked at as a possible timeframe for “The MANual.”  I believe with the success of single sales and people not really buying albums I want to make sure you really know you want to buy a Q Parker album. So you’re gonna have at least heard 2-3 records before the release of the album so you’ll know it’s just not a one-song album but it’s an album worth investing in.”