rodney king  (classic photo)*With news of the drowning death of Rodney King, community leaders in South Los Angeles are calling for – and have scheduled – a tribute in his memory.

The tribute is  scheduled for  Monday, June 18 in Leimert Park.

What?  South Central Los Angeles Community leaders will hold a community tribute in memory of Rodney King.

When? Monday June 18th 2012

Where Leimert Park 3415 W.43rd street Place90043  ( Crenshaw and Vernon)

Why? “Rodney King, was the most victim of one of the worst police brutality beatings in history, his struggles along the way were well documented but in the end we view him as a community hero who always fought back against his personal demons and adversity to move forward with his life with class and dignity even going as far as to forgive the L.A.P.D.officers who beat him.”  — Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic HOPE.

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