romeo miller & denise vasi

Romeo Miller & Denise Vasi

*Romeo Miller and Denise Vasi get hot and steamy in an upcoming episode of “Single Ladies.” But their television romance may have sparked some off camera love.

In an interview with Vibe, he was asked if a love scene ever intimidated him. All cool calm and collected, he replied that it was fun.

‘”I’m not too nervous. I’m actually a little bit excited,'” he said. “She’s a cool girl and that role was a lot of fun to play.”

He added that a kissing scene with the two turned up the heat in the whole studio, warranting a scandalous response out of some peers.

“For the first scene we had a kissing scene and everybody was like, ‘Dang!” he said.

His on camera kissing buddy said he actually surprised her with all that good loving.

“Romeo Miller surprised me because he’s obviously very young, but he’s far beyond his years,” she said. “He’s so mature. He’s such a professional. He really is a young man, but he’s so humble, so sweet. We hung out a ton while he was out here. I have to say he was the most surprising because I didn’t know what he was going to be like, and he was just such a gentleman.”

Well, although the two haven’t admitted to any real off camera future, their fantasy romance sure makes ya wonder.