*The term “swirling” became popular on black gossip sites in the last few years to refer to couples who are of different races.

The term originally comes from the swirl of a vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Kim Kardashian and others who partake in interracial dating have been called swirling couples .

Now, two women have taken the term and turned it into a book.


Here is an excerpt from the interview where the two women talk about “swirling,” and dating across race and religion:

ESSENCE.COM: How did the idea for this book come about?

JANICE LITTLEJOHN: Christelyn had this idea to write a story for Elle Magazine about why she married a White guy. It was accepted, she was making rewrites on it and I had been helping her with it. It got caught in some sort of crazy labyrinth of editorial changes over there and it never ran. She said, “I took this idea and pitched it to agents and now I’ve got someone who wants a book proposal.” But then she says, “I don’t have a book proposal, could you write it with me?’… At first I thought, well, no this is your story.It was her story about how she came to marry Michael. But, what attracted me most to the idea is that Christelyn was very open to going beyond Black women and White men but to culture and faith too, and that was something that was intriguing to me…right around the time Christelyn approached me abut the book there was study that had come out that said Black women don’t date outside of their race and culture, and when they do, they do so less than any other gender or racial group. I really was intrigued as to why.

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