tamar braxton*Get ready for the summer because the “Braxton Family Values” is coming back for another hot season of drama, laughter, and girl talk.

But it will be for a limited time only. Tamar Braxton said in a recent interview that the show is only back for six episodes in August.

“I’m so excited,” said Braxton. “I’m just excited because we have a special summer time six weeks for everybody and it’s popping.”

“God is amazing and I think when you have real life situations, people can relate,” she continued. “I think it was necessary for us to do and I’m just glad we did it.”

In the meantime, the reality star is getting ready for a show of her own with hubby Vincent Herbert that will air this fall.

She recently told Essence that this is her way of showing a different side of the family.

“They wanted to know what was behind the dot com’s and where I get all this energy from,” she said. “I just thought it would be a great for them to see that there is another side. The Tamar on Braxton Family Values is real, but that’s me in the sister role. I do have another side — Tamar, the wife. I’m still animated, but in a different kind of way.”