tamera mowry-housley

Tamera Mowry-Housley

*Congratulations to Tamera Mowry and her hubby Adam Housley because the couple found out they are expecting a boy.

While she’s preparing for motherhood, the actress is well equipped with her very own pregnancy expert, her twin,  Tia.

The sisters are so excited to finally have another boy in the family that they’ve already started to decorate the nursery with a sports theme.

“I want a boy because I have two brothers whom I love and adore,” Tamera said to People magazine in April. “I helped raise my brothers so I have somewhat of an experience raising boys. I haven’t the slightest idea about raising a girl. It’s like the unknown.”

Since Tamera has the privilege of having her sister help her through the nine months of changes, she’s taking tips on how to be a fashionable mom-to-be.

In Tia’s book, “Oh Baby!” she gives fashionista advice and 10 tips on how to be a “hot mama.”

Tia recommended that Tamera wear high heels whenever possible.

“Tamera is rocking the heels! You won’t be able to wear heels later on in your pregnancy, so wear them as long as you can,” she said.

As a result, Tamera is rocking heels, tough. You go girl!

Check out the video below as Tia and Tamera dish on stuff:

By the way, you can catch “Tia and Tamera” Monday nights at 8pm E/P on the Style Network.