*It was a tearful farewell Thursday morning for Ann Curry on NBC’s “Today Show.”

But with each exit there is a new entry. Who will replace Curry is the next question?

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An Essence writer believes Tamron Hall should be the pick.

Check out an excerpt of her piece below:

If sleeping with the television on were a punishable offense, I’d surely be in handcuffs. While I hereby plead guilty to the crime of being entranced by “the glare,” I’m certainly aware that it’s not an ideal setting in which to get my eight hours of shut-eye. It’s just how I roll.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’d like to mention that I do have a few stipulations when it comes to my late-night/early-morning television dance. For starters, I make sure that the volume is always lowered to a comfortable, non-intrusive level “6.” Secondly, the channel must be set to “4” before I head into my semi-dream state. Why, you ask? Because I like waking up to the Today show…and because of my “dedicated viewer” status, I’d like to officially toss Tamron Hall’s name into the hat for that now vacant co-anchor slot. I just feel that it’s my duty.

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