women replacing lightbulb*When you are a single woman living alone or even with a man, there are certain things you should know just in case you are by yourself or with someone else.


While many will look at women for just cooking and cleaning in the old stereotypical roles, many women of today are working professionals who have great careers and many of them are single. When something goes wrong in their apartments, they need help.

Here are 10 things women need to know to do if they live on their own.

1. Change a Light Bulb – Seriously

Okay, so this may seem silly, but you’d be surprised how many women cannot perform basic household repairs. A woman should have a basic tool set, a drill, a hammer and a wrench – and learn how to use them safely and properly. There is no reason you should have to call your landlord or your boyfriend to come over to hang a picture, change your air conditioner filter or make minor fixes like touching up paint. They even have tool sets made just for women – in the color pink! Take a free class at your local Home Depot or Lowes home improvement store and learn to hook your own crib up!

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