*We’ve all seen them and we’ve all been pitched by them — Mary Kay consultants.

While the trend has lessened in the last few years, Mary Kay consultants are still around and we can remember when everyone became one because they saw the success some of those around them had.


In this piece, writer Sheena Bryant talks about her encounter with a Mary Kay salesperson and how she respects their hustle but is sick and tired of them.

Check out the excerpt below:

Not long ago, I was sitting at a local bar enjoying a quick bite with a friend.  As he and I dished about life and sports as guy and gal pals do, a lady comes over to our table and she says to me, “You’re beautiful.”  Flattered by her words, I tell her thank you and let her know that I really appreciate the compliment.  I intend to get back to the conversation with my friend, but she continues.  “And you’re very graceful.  I noticed you when you first walked in.  Are you a dancer?  You have the body of a dancer.”  At this point, I’m still flattered but I’m definitely getting a little uneasy.  I politely thank her again, and let her know that I am in no way a dancer and that I could only dream to have the body of one.  Surely our quick exchange would be over at this point and I’d be able to go on with the conversation I was clearly having when she walked over.  Yet, she continues: “May I ask what kind of skin care products you use?”

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