tone loc*Suffering from what’s been described as heat exhaustion, old school rapper Tone Loc collapsed on stage during his concert in Texas Friday night.

Loc was doing his “Wild Thang,” so to speak at the Moody Theater in Austin,  when all of sudden it was lights out for him.

Loc’s manager tells TMZ … the inside of the venue felt like it was over 100 degrees, which caused the rapper to fall. He was immediately helped off stage, given water and cooled off for 30 minutes before returning to finish his set.

According to tweets from numerous eye witnesses however, the rapper weirdly performed the exact same songs as before the fall.

This isn’t the first time Loc has taken a nose-dive mid-concert. In 2009 he was rushed to a Florida hospital after collapsing on stage and in 2011 he was hospitalized in Atlanta for exhaustion after another mid-rap fall.

The good news is that Loc is doing fine now and will take the stage again tonight in Lewisville, TX.