usher*Usher’s child custody case is growing increasingly brutal as his ex-wife Tameka Foster continues to trash his name in court.

Now the mother of his two children is threatening to air their dirty laundry, including some extramarital affairs with big named celebrities, reports In Touch Weekly.

The singer is fighting for visitation rights for his 4 and 3 year olds.

“They give me purpose,” Usher tearfully explained. “I used to be begged to come home. Now I’m begging to come home to be able to spend some time with them.”

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According to an insider, Foster isn’t having it and is planning to take an offensive stance and tell the world about his alleged cheating over their tumultuous two-year marriage.

But critics say she’s making herself look like the fool in this case, while she attempts to paint a bad boy image of her ex.

“Though she’s trying to paint Usher as a wild party boy with a huge sexual appetite, it’s backfiring and making her look bad,” says the insider. “Everyone’s testifying that she’s the one displaying erratic behavior.”