clean & dry*Ladies, finally the end all be all product you’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve ever thought your “down there” area was a little too dark to attract a man, well you’ve now got help.

A feminine hygiene product launched in India that promises to ‘brighten’ skin around the vagina is causing widespread controversy.

A 25-second TV spot/advert for “Clean & Dry Intimate Wash” is being shown on prime time television, and shows a woman using the product to lighten her private area to please her man.

The product has attracted condemnation on Twitter and blogging sites, with one (male) user branding it ‘the ultimate insult’ and others bemoaning the extent of discrimination against darker skin tones.

Described as ‘unique’, the product is apparently designed to keep the skin ‘fresh and protected from infection all day’ with the added bonus that it will ‘brighten darkened skin in that area…making it many shades fairer.’

Read/learn more at Daily Mail.

Watch the advert for “Clean & Dry”: