*Shows like “Basketball Wives,” “Love & Hip-Hop” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are criticized all the time for their images of black women always arguing and fighting amongst each other.

There have been numerous protests and calls for these shows to be taken off the air.


But why should these shows be taken off the air when people keep watching them? If there’s a demand, someone will supply it and VH1, Bravo and E! continue to do so.

So we ask: “Who is really at fault?”

Our partner site Loop21 recently came up with a great article on the viewers being the problem. Check out the excerpt below:

I still remember how excited I was to hear that “Basketball Wives” was coming on. I wanted to really hear how these women put up with their husbands’ insane schedules, raising kids on their own and the downsides of being public figures.

Instead what I got from the mind of Shaunie O’Neal (fresh off her divorce from Shaq) was a nonstop drama-fest with ex-lovers who forgot they were pushing 40 and way too old for the bottle-throwing, name-calling and bullying that runs rampant. I’m not a faithful watcher of the show, but of the episodes I’ve seen here and there it seems to be the same ol’ formula carried out to a tee: the women meet up, something gets said that pisses someone off and they spend way too long hashing it out without coming to any real agreement or solution.

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