*Wanda Sykes is now in the matchmaking business … sort of.

The actress/comedian has teamed with the folks at Gain for a promotion showcasing the 13 available scents available for its detergents and fabric softeners.

Wanda’s role in all of this?

“I am the Gain scent matchmaker,” she explains to EURweb’s Lee Bailey in an exclusive interview. “Now, I know when people hear the word matchmaker, they think, ‘Oh, Wanda’s gonna find me my mate!’ No. You’re on your own with that. But, I will find the scent that’s perfect for you.”

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Sykes, who arrives in theaters July 13 as the voice of Granny in “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” will help folks choose from such Gain scents as Original Fresh, Apple Mango, Icy Fresh Fizz, Hawaiian Aloha and Butterfly Kiss.

“It’s a fun campaign, I’m having a fun time doing it. On July 1st, go to YouTube.com/gain and you will find me there,” she says. “I will take you through an interactive exercise. I will ask you a bunch of personal questions about the type of food you enjoy, the type of music you like, even your style of shoes that you like. I take these answers and, because I’m a genius, I will determine the perfect scent match for you.”

Easy enough to understand, right? …Not for Lee Bailey.

Below, Wanda is baffled as to why he still doesn’t get it.

Below, Sykes narrates a spot for Gain’s new scents.