warren sapp*NFL superstar legend, Warren Sapp is competing with the big dogs, this time in the literary arena.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers (and Oakland Raiders) lineman has written a 314-page book about his success and downfalls, his love for Tony Dungy, like for Jon Gruden, and blatant hatred for Sam Wyche … all his former coaches.

“Sapp Attack” really is not much of a literary piece as much as it is a piece of entertainment.

After filing for bankruptcy recently, the book could serve him well as a new source of income.

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In the book, he couples his somewhat problematic reality with a bit of humor:

“Everything about the organization was bad; bad coaching staff, bad practice facility, bad bright-orange team colors, even a bad team logo. Bucco Bruce was the logo. The NFL had lions and giants, cowboys and panthers. We had the sappy pirate. C’mon, how intimidating is that, Bucco Bruce? He was this sad-looking pirate who actually had his earring in the wrong ear. What kind of pirate has an earring in his wrong ear? He was supposed to be sneering but actually looked like he was winking.

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On Wyche, his first head coach: “Sam Wyche and I never did arrive on the same planet. … Wyche thought you motivated people by making snide comments, by belittling people. … So it wasn’t a surprise his coaching staff was disloyal. We spent the whole season watching defensive coordinator Rusty Tillman trying to sabotage Wyche so he could get the head coaching job.”

On the way his teammates treated him as a rookie: “Once a week, right into the season, I got my a – – taped to the uprights. One time, they taped (Brad) Culpepper and me back-to-back in the middle of the floor.”

It’s worth a read if you like reality shows and comedy.

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