Will Smith works the red carpet rope line at the "Men in Black 3" premiere in Russia

*“Men in Black 3” marks the first acting gig for Will Smith in four years, but the Hollywood heavyweight didn’t spend the entire hiatus away from the business. Much of the time was spent producing projects for his Overbrook Entertainment shingle – like “The Karate Kid” remake starring his son Jaden.


Smith says working behind the camera is something that comes easy to him.

“My most natural lane I think is producing – the wide view, seeing everything that’s going on and helping and pulling people in,” Smith said, adding that “The Karate Kid” experience was particularly eye-opening because it was a remake.

“Working on a remake is interesting in that you start with hindsight, where you can see the patterns of why people cheer in a movie theater much more clearly, and you get to experiment with your ideas,” he said.” So, for me that was very informative.”

The entire Smith family flew out to the film’s set in China for the shoot – perhaps a strategic move for the famous patriarch, who said he learned early on how important it is for an actor’s overseas game to be on point, especially if their aim is to be a true “movie star.”

Below, he explains how Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis pulled his coat one day in 1990.