george zimmerman (mugshots)*In an interesting move by Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey, audio recordings from phone calls George Zimmerman made while in jail in April have just been released.

The pcalls are part of the state’s evidence alleging that Zimmerman, and his wife, Shellie, misled the court during an April bond hearing.

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A judge released Zimmerman on $150,000 bond after he and his wife testified they had little money. But on the calls, George Zimmerman is heard coaching his wife and sister on how to transfer tens of thousands of dollars donated to his legal defense fund.

Zimmerman, who is charged with killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February, is now back behind bars after his bond was revoked.

His wife was charged with perjury related to her testimony about the family’s finances.

Listen to George Zimmerman’s phone calls from jail: