hypocrite *Originally posted by Toya Sharee

I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life, you’ve crossed paths with someone who makes you feel like you’re going to hell with gasoline draws, says . It may be an over-zealous religious co-worker with post-it bible verses plastered all over her desktop or the auntie you have who makes you feel like a jezebel for living in sin with your boyfriend (although she met her ex-convict boyfriend in the club during her former days of fornication). There’s always someone ready to rep for Jesus and place judgment on how you choose to live your life. I’m all for faith and the freedom to worship as you please, but it becomes a problem when you try to force your beliefs on others.

Despite whatever opinions I may have about religion or what higher power I choose to serve, I know I’m not the only who has at least one person in their life that takes their faith a bit too far. By all means, this article isn’t for those that take their faith seriously and make every effort to walk in the way of Christ without offending others, but the hypocrites who only call on the Holy Ghost when it’s convenient.

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