9-year-old daycare terrorist

Kiddie City Childcare Daycare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is terrorized by a nine-year-old that kicks, punches, and bites the toddlers in the daycare and is caught on video surveillance, Monday, July 16, 2012.

*The worst possible crime has to be one committed by a child.

An intense break down in the mental capability of a child to function properly in society from an elemental level should send a red flag to the parents of the child.

It’s possible that deviant behavior in a child has been brought on by someone who cares for the child. If the child’s behavior is not a direct result of failed instruction, then the responsible thing to do is to seek medical assistance for the child before he can be of harm to him or herself or others early in their development.

In the case of the 9-year old daycare terrorist you are about to witness, not only has his guardian or parent dropped the ball, but the head of the daycare needs her ass whooped from Delaware to San Francisco. The surveillance video in the Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is completely disturbing because it is a nine-year old on the video attacking toddlers throughout the daycare. (more…)