adrian peterson*Adrian Peterson pleaded not guilty of resisting arrest the night witnesses say he lost his cool.

The NFL running back was arrested on July 6 following an incident in a Houston nightclub. According to reports, the athlete appeared to have drunken too much when he had a run in with an off duty officer, who was working security. Peterson allegedly shoved him and was then restrained by a couple of other officers.

Peterson denies the allegations and said he never touched the officer.

“I didn’t push, shove, touch anything to anyone that night, especially an officer,” Peterson said. “I definitely don’t have a problem with the Houston P.D. This involves two individual officers that I have an issue with. Once everything is settled and (comes) to a head, the truth will come out.”

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In fact, the Vikings star’s attorney says he was actually the victim, saying he was “struck at least twice in the face for absolutely no legitimate reason.”

The trial is set to begin August 6.