Tanisha Thomas

Tanisha Thomas

*While most reality shows have a script (let’s admit it), and instigate the over the top drama, “Bad Girls Club” cast member Tanisha Thomas, says they don’t need any help.

“No one needs to egg on the Bad Girls for drama. They’re just gonna make it up themselves, you know? And honey, that they did,” Tanisha recently told Sister 2 Sister.

The women are encouraged to keep their hands to themselves during angry yelling matches, but it appears as if the ‘no-violence’ policy has been lifted.

“A lot has changed since I’ve done ‘Bad Girls Club.’ On my season, you hit someone, you went home and that was the end of that. I don’t know what’s happened in seasons after mine, but I know that there is security and I believe that there are medics, if needed,” she said.

She added that the cast member’s aren’t chosen in order to create more drama. The cast is made up of women who come from different walks of life with the goal of becoming better ladies. But nothing is as easy as it seems.