*Here’s the lesson for the day: Do not badmouth Batman because fans will come attack you in full force.

Rotten Tomatoes posted about the new Batman movie that appears to be off the chain in the previews and trailer.

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But the website’s reviews were not favorable, provoking fans to revolt in anger and protest to discourage and reverse the injustice committed to such a heroic cult film.

Yeah, it’s that serious.

It actually got so bad that the site’s editor had to suspend some of the comments made in response to the review.

The wild thing about all this is, fans haven’t even seen the movie, why? Because it’s not even out yet.

Other sites like Hollywood and fine had to filter commentary made by heated fans, enraged about the sensitive reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes editor in chief, Matt Atchity, was compelled to write a blog, specifically about filtering comments and asked readers to refrain from using phrases like, “be a dick.”

The comments kept rolling, holding up the staff. So the comment box was completely off limits to the public. This is the first time in the online publication’s history.

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