chosen by god (logo-promo)*LOS ANGELES  — Chosen By God: The Great Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty sets out to reinstate the powerful black leaders of the Old Testament to Biblical history, scholarship and cultural discourse. This groundbreaking documentary, based on archeological evidence and historical authentication, tells the story of Egypt’s dynamic black Pharaohs. Although an integral part of the Biblical Books of Isaiah and 2nd Kings, these figures remain among the most under-celebrated examples of African heroism and hope.

Why has the story been downplayed for so long? That’s the question historians, ministers, and archeological and anthropological experts explore in the 90-minute DVD. Looking closely at the facts and fiction surrounding ancient Egypt circa 700 BC and its greatest Nubian/Kushite Pharaoh, who saved the Hebrews and the Hebrew religion, as well as the greatest Nubian/Kushite Queen of the Nile, these authorities reveal what the film claims is the “greatest story never told.” For minority cultures, which for centuries have sought to discover a complete history of their leaders, Chosen By God unearths a legacy of achievement.

Chosen By God, written by Lamont Roberts and directed by Mike Criscione, was funded by Reel Image Inc. (RII), a California nonprofit that supports independent filmmakers who foster an appreciation of cultural diversity by depicting images of positive role models and realistic portrayals of women and minorities. The documentary’s producers Mike Criscione, Carl E. Dickerson and Lamont Roberts brought together a talented production and acting crew to create a film for a wide range of audiences, including scholars or aficionados of Biblical history, black heritage, ancient dynasties, religion and Egyptology.

In making Chosen By God, the filmmakers produced an invaluable tool for understanding the history of black leaders prior to the Mayflower, but another key impetus for making the film was to inspire black youth to achieve personally and professionally, and to educate greater society on minority leadership and their contributions to the evolution of civilization.

Along with the DVD, authentic replicas of the only Pharaoh to defend Hezekiah and the Hebrew people against their enemies are available for purchase through the film’s official website,

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About Reel Image Inc.
Reel Image Inc. (RII) is a California 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that grew out of a dire need to nurture hope and provide critical life-enhancing resources, education and tools for minority people and cultures. Today, RII provides debt and equity financing and services to talented independent filmmakers whose work fosters greater appreciation of cultural diversity by depicting images of positive role models and realistic portrayals of women and minorities in all aspects of society. The Executive Director of RII is Lamont Roberts, bestselling author, filmmaker and seasoned entertainment executive. The Board members include Carl Dickerson (Board Chair), 40-year marketing and sales veteran; Sandy Peng (CFO), accounting and private financial consultant; Martin Recchuite, JD, corporate finance  expert; and Tony Lee, screenwriter and business strategy expert.



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