*Territory is a big deal to Chris Bosh. Although he plays in Florida, he swears his residence is in Texas.

Although he bought a 12,000 square-foot home in Biscayne Bay in 2010 for $12.5 million, he says the seven-bedroom eight bath home with an infinity pool and an elevator isn’t really his home home. It’s just, you know… a spot to stay in while working.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, the Miami Heat star claims in recent court papers in Orlando, where he is in a money battle against his baby’s mama, that he really lives in a different state. He’s actually attempting to gyp the system by using his Texas address in a lower middle class neighborhood in the Dallas area.

His 1,900 square-foot Texas home  is worth $73,000.

Will it be a convincing argument in court? It’s hard to tell; especially because things don’t appear to be in his favor being that he’s an $18-million-a-year earning athlete.

If he does win the argument, however, he would only have to pay $2,600 a month for child support for his little girl.

But if the judge doesn’t read through the lines, he’ll have to pay three-percent of his monthly income … $30,000 a month to Allison Mathis, his baby mama, er, we mean his baby daughter.

Mathis’ lawyer, Jane E. Carey, stated: “He’s fighting like a dog to remain a Texas resident. It is just not true that he lives in Texas. Even his son was born (in May) in Miami.”