B. REITH*With a growing legion of fans on both the pop and urban music formats, Christian rapper B. Reith released a new mixtape that will solidify his position as one of music’s most promising artists.

His new project, “The Story Continues” offers a showcase of B. Reith’s musical dexterity at delivering everything from singing silky pop ballads to edgy, rap rhymes on full blast  and it confirms what music aficionados already know – that he’s one of the most exciting artist on the music landscape today.

The new project features collaborations with artists like Wit, Th3ory Hazit, Dre Murray, Knine, Promise, and upcoming rapper Isaiah Tate.

The project also features an acoustic cello-beat box remix track from producer Kevin “K.O.” Olusola, from the mainstream accapella group, Pentatonix.

“For whatever reason I am in the season of hip hop, so I have got to get this stuff out,” he says. “My music has been embraced very well by urban music audiences, so I wanted to give them something to connect with these new fans.”