Ciara*Ciara’s got something special up her sleeve.

The singer told MTV that her next album is about to be a hit because it’s totally different than her past projects.

“One Woman Army” is an intimate peek into the life, struggle and success of Ciara as she’s pushed past the tough times throughout her career.

“This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life and career. And I’m so confident with being vulnerable. At one point in time, I was very afraid to be as vulnerable as I am,” Ciara said. “This is almost like a journal, my own personal journal when you get this record.”

Rest assured, it’s not all sappy and slow. Her trademark is sweat music. She said the album will include lead single “Sweat” and will definitely keep the party going.

She’s also starring in upcoming Adam Sandler flick, “That’s My Boy,” which hits theaters June 15.