rudy eugene

Rudy Eugene

*More news has emerged about the Miami cannibalistic attack that left Ronald Poppo faceless and Rudy Eugene dead.

Authorities initially suspected Eugene was reacting to some sort of new street drug, but toxicology reports found no trace of a chemical that would invoke an attack of that magnitude.

But a new little detail rouses new questions. According to reports, the attack may not have been as random as once suspected.

The Miami Herald reports that Eugene’s friend, named Christian, says the victim and attacker had met before while volunteering in the homeless community.

“Poppo seemed like a nice and kind man,” Christian told the Herald. “I remember when we gave him food.”

Poppo was later attacked while sleeping near the MacArthur Causeway.

The fact that police found torn-out pages from the Bible scattered along Eugene’s path and near the site of the attack has prompted many in the local community to think that religion played a part in his bizarre behavior. Others blame Vodou based on Eugene’s Haitian heritage.

Several Haitian churches refused to host Eugene’s funeral after congregations said that they would be uncomfortable having his body in their place of worship.