*Tony Cornelius, son of late “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius, has launched a suicide-awareness foundation six months after his father took his own life.


Cornelius tells CNN he’s “very angry” because he feels his father “should be here enjoying his family.” He was inspired to set up The Don Cornelius Foundation following a conversation with family friend Stevie Wonder.

“Thank God for Stevie Wonder… He gave me words that I’ll never forget… ‘Life is worth living’, and from that the Don Cornelius Foundation was started,” he said. “It’s basically to help people transition, help people in need… I wanted to really do something about it (suicide).

“It’s a veil of shame… There’s all kinds of things that draw us to hopelessness and pain, and that’s who I want to reach out to; I wanna make sure that people have a place to go and have someone to talk to.”

Tony Cornelius found his father’s body in February.