*“Scrubs” alumn Donald Faison is currently in his second season on the TV Land series “The Exes.”


The actor plays ladies’ man Phil, one of three divorced men who share an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney, Holly (Kristen Johnston), who is also their be landlord.

“I know a few people like Phil,” he told us during interviews for the show. “It’s really easy to the ladies’ man on television because you get to kiss hot chicks every week. But, doing ‘Scrubs,’ I was always connected to someone. I had a relationship for the whole run. So this was something that I wanted to explore. I’ve never had the opportunity to play a ladies’ man, and I have a lot of friends who are, you know, superstar ladies’ men and I’m sure some of you have met them.”

The cast of “The Exes”

When the series premiered in November 2011, Phil and Haskell (Wayne Knight) were already living in the apartment when Holly introduced them to their new roommate, her client Stuart (David Alan Basche). At first they have reservations about Stuart moving in, but Holly is right across the hall with advice when things start to spiral down.  The humor comes in as the bachelors slowly realize the issues they have with each other are the same ones they had with their ex-wives.

Below, Faison says his character’s playboy nature wasn’t the only aspect of the show that first caught his eye.

“The Exes” air Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land after Ced the Entertainer’s sitcom “Soul Man.” Watch a featurette with the two stars below.