*With the 2012 elections fast approaching, people are already choosing their sides: Obama or Romney.

But while people are choosing sides, they are also struggling.

While the economy has improved a bit, there are still millions of people in our country unemployed.

NewsOne writer Michael Arceneaux believes that nothing will change whether Obama gets re-elected or Romney becomes president.

The latest Associated Press Economy Survey shows that a majority of economists expect the national unemployment rate to stay above 6 percent for at least four more years. That figure would be above what is considered the “normal” rate of five to six percent. If this premonition proves itself true, it would be the longest stretch of high unemployment since the end of World War II.

It’s clear that regardless of who wins the election, harsh economic realities will greet the next president in January. Voters may be optimistic right now, but the more information pours out where we are headed, it is likely that Mitt Romney might finally find a clue (and a new staff to boot) to help him better build a case against President Barack Obama.

So while Mittens figures out what to make of Wall Street Journal columns trying to show him the way to victory, this is an opportunity for President Obama to defend his policies and talk about the real impediment to meaningful recovery: Republicans.

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